Daily inspiration # 14

keng001:  Editorial | Bijoux & Beaute - Fashion Copiousmissfolly:  Allegory of the Camaldolese by El Greco, 1599-1600  apathyangel:  NYC did not disappoint for Halloween this year. Webster Hall, Friday October 29th. myaloysius:   apex-nadir:  St. John the Baptist - Hieronymous Bosch  billyjane:  Sans tenir compte des prévisions, 1947  collage by Georges Hugnet  r2510:  [柚コトキ] VOCALOID2: 初音ミク - コスプレCurecoffeetable:  naha::tumblr - choccoto:  johnnychallenge:  earl5m2:  suzukichiyo:   dukkha:   d… joshuawcastle:  Montage made by Kurt, found on ‘In Utero’ reverse cover. This shows the obsession that Cobain had with Turtles, anatomical models, and babies. avant-voluspa:  Madame Moitessier, 1857by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1789-1867).vogue:  NOSTALGIA: Model in Balenciaga for the 1950 September Issue of Vogue Photographed by Irving Pennartymiss:  Zen Sevastyanova by Paul de Luna in Meliae | Blank #55picapixels:  blow at life: Work Graffiti

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